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LVM #28 (税込み2,800Yen)



LVM #28 "Cali vs Quebec"
In this issue we compare and contrast the paddling destinations located in the eastern edges and the western front of North America. Liquidlogic athlete Charlie Centers takes us into undiscovered drainages in California’s Sierra Nevada; as well, shows us the premier classics of California. From here, we switch our focus to the eastern province of Quebec. Team Shred Ready athlete Chis Gragtmans shows us the racing circuit and the epic playboating of the region. We then follow IR athlete Fred
Coriell as he leads a group of paddlers on the last descent of the mighty Romaine River. Also included:
Teva’s Chronicles of Gnarnia: Cali Road Trip
87 Seconds: Hypothermia
Quebec 1st Descents
Aquanish River
Are You Gonna Eat That?
And so much more!